Using plants and flowers from my daily wanderings along the coast, I have developed an ongoing series of botanical prints using cyanotype on watercolor paper.

I have also worked in the mediums of silkscreen and monoprint using portraits and landscapes as subject matters.


The artwork I create is inspired by many years living by the water. The whimsical quality of sea creatures real or make believe inspires me. My favorite printmaking processes are etching and relief printing. While my themes are often reoccurring, the two different printing processes lend themselves to different styles of work.


Much of my work in recent years consists of doing a mixed-media approach to art, using printmaking as a base, with other work that I've done, in handmade paper, abstract painting, cyanotypes, and textiles, added. Cyanotypes are the precursor of photography and a form of printmaking that I've done /taught for 20 years.


The process of creating monotype prints is deeply enjoyable for me. Through the creation process, I feel there is a connection made between my everyday self and a higher, more soulful aspect of myself. I hope this soulful connection is also awakened in people who view my work.


I began printmaking as a black-and-white film photographer trained by a master printer in the production of fine, archival photo prints. When I started making monotypes, the palette knife became my primary tool producing prints that "suggest a world with action that we may see in dreams or deep thought."



I am a San Francisco based artist and educator on the Illustration Faculty at the California College of the Arts. My work encompasses projects such as books, product design, advertising, non-profit and magazine work, and I have exhibited internationally, and was a finalist for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s SECA award.


My prints are large scale ( 24" by 30") linocuts with multiple mono print drops to achieve rich color and patterns. My recent work draws on familiar insect imagery through a larger than life lens. My focus is on composition, and the ability to describe tiny life forms in a revealing way.


Focusing on monotype and linocut printmaking, using oil based inks, I enjoy using images of everyday objects, graphics and plant material. Using methods such as chine colle and stencils add to the creation of interesting and beautiful prints.


A San Francisco printmaker, my recent works include etchings, aquatint, and monoprints, which I print at Fort Mason City College and FOGBELT STUDIO. Swimming in San Francisco Bay and searching for the best birding spots are two of my favorite outdoor activities. The inspiration for many of my printmaking images comes from these adventures.


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