I am attracted to sea life. The artwork I create is inspired by many years living by the water and much of my work shows my fascination with the ocean and its creatures. The whimsical quality of sea creatures real or make believe influences my work. I have grown up swimming and if the choice had been given to me as a child, I would have wished to be a mermaid. I celebrate all things tentacled all year long through my love of art & science. Cephalopods are my favorite (octopus, squid, cuttlefish and nautilus)


Kristina Alaya


I enjoy moving between the contrast of evoking the large free-flowing forms of landscapes and flowers and the more exacting rigor of painting portraits. I work primarily with oil paint on canvas and various types of printmaking, including cyanotypes.

Using plants and flowers from my daily wanderings along the coast, I have developed an ongoing series of botanical prints using cyanotype on watercolor paper.


Jennifer Alpaugh


Neil Ballard is an illustrator and sequential artist living and working in San Francisco's Ingleside neighborhood.

He produces work for the Ingleside-Excelsior Light, a neighborhood newspaper.

Neil's work includes journalism, history and autobiographical sketches.


Neil Ballard



I have no agendas in my artwork, work best when alone in my quiet studio. Plants and houses appear in much of my work, both 2D and 3D in bright colors.

Work in recent years generally consists of doing a mixed-media approach to art: printmaking as a base (especially monotypes), with elements of other work I've done; handmade paper, abstract painting, photography (cyanotypes) added. I usually machine stitch these collage pieces.


Kathy Dybeck


I began printmaking as a black-and-white film photographer trained by a master printer in the production of fine, archival photo prints. When I started making monotype prints, I was intrigued by my teacher's description of the art for as "painterly" and by her encouragement to" leave perfection at the door." The palette knife eventually became my primary tool to apply and manipulate pigments onto the printing plates, and with it I unabashedly enjoy creating prints that "suggest a world with action that we may see in dreams or deep thought."


Ethel Mays



My artwork is inspired by nature and the beauty surrounding us all. My ceramic work uses classic forms glazed with unique flowing decorative glazes, for me art is a personal projection.

I work on techniques constantly and create unique ceramic pieces and I have incorporated mosaics into my ceramic work. Often I combine handmade ceramic pieces in my mosaics.


Kathy Miller


I have been an artist all my life, drawing and painting ever since I can remember and continue to this day. Over the years I have experimented in other mediums, including watercolor, collage, printmaking, black/white photography and making cyanotypes and handmade paper.

In all mediums I've striven to create work that has clean lines, interesting form and negative space. I frequently find that details interest me more than the total object.

Charlotte Seekamp


My prints are large scale ( 24" by 30") linocuts with multiple mono print drops to achieve rich color and patterns.

My recent work draws on familiar insect imagery through a larger than life lens. My focus is on composition, and the ability to describe tiny life forms in a revealing way.


Barbara Sizelove


Monoprinting is a form of printmaking where the plate (I use Plexiglas plastic) is inked and manipulated so that every print is unique. After inking and preparing a plate, it is run through an etching press.

Earlier this year, several whales migrated very close to the San Francisco shoreline and some even swam into the bay! I enjoyed knowing that they were nearby and began working on a series of whale prints.


Pauline Yeckley 



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