ART SALON - 2017 - FOGBELT STUDIO / Art WaVeS Gallery

Celebrating Art in August



I studied art at UCLA where I received my B.A. in art. My work has been shown at Pacifica’s Sanchez Art Center, Skyline College Gallery, Mildred Owen Concert Hall, Octagon Gallery in the City Hall of Daly City, Palo Alto Research Center, and other venues and galleries. I am a member of Tangerine Arts and a studio artist at Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica.


Jennifer Alpaugh


I am attracted to sea life. The artwork I create is inspired by many years living by the water and much of my work shows that fascination with the ocean and its creatures. Other major influences in my work come from my love of Japanese culture, scientific illustration, and children’s books.


Kristina Ayala


This "new" body of work I've started on in 2016 is a combination of my printmaking from 1987 to 2010 - and my papermaking, 1994 to present. I consider the pieces abstract collage, although I machine stitch rather than glue for the most part. No special titles - no matting-framing concerns as I work, no deadlines - spontaneous. Sorting through portfolios and boxes of my previous artwork, clearing up and having fun.


Kathy Dybeck


I love the language of colors and shapes, from geometric forms to flowing swirls. My recent works include a 10-painting series titled “Spiral Fragments.” These began as small drawings, which I later developed into 36” x 36” acrylic paintings that have been likened to “minimalist patterns.” I also love the intense colors and gossamer effects that can be created with soft pastels, which were my first medium and remain a favorite today.


Melinda Lightfoot


I began studying ceramics at UCSB while I was studying psychology and sociology. I have always been interested in the combination of art and therapy. For me art is a personal projection. I work on techniques constantly and create unique ceramic pieces. Then every once in a while a special piece of artwork is created that intuitively connects to me. These wonderful pieces bring out the depth of human emotions.


Kathy Miller


I’m a mixed media and multimedia artist, but for the salon show the main focus is on photography and digital painting. I’m attracted to organic shapes in nature, and ‘bits and pieces’ of the world captured in various aspects using angles, light, and reflections. I have also been exploring digital painting using abstract forms created from a palette of images (graffiti, icons, written messages, etc.) into photographic collages of visual impositions.


Manny Peix


My paintings are abstractions of visual memories, or, rather than being something remembered, the work is a process of discovery. Working in either acrylic or oil stick, the surface, colors, and shapes take on a life of their own, a distillation of the experience of making each painting.





Nancy Mona Russell


I have been Drawing and Painting ever since I can remember. Over the years I have experimented in other 2 dimensional mediums, including Watercolour, Collage, Printmaking, Cyanotypes, Black & White Photography and making Handmade Paper. In all media that I have worked, I have striven to create work that has clean lines and interesting form and negative space. I have frequently found that details interest me more than the total object.


Charlotte Seekamp


My printing process over the years has used Linoleum Block Printing combined with Monoprint. Color and atmosphere are developed through monoprint, then, graphic image and line of the Linoleum complete the composition. My editions are varied in temperament based on color and the opaqueness of the ink. Because of this each print is unique. I have used these processes to explore subject matter that engages my imagination but that also are subject to the interpretation of the viewer.


Barbara Sizelove


Monoprinting is a form of printmaking where every print is unique. I often create a Plexiglas plate with ink, stencils and collage pieces and then run it all through the press. Sometimes the plate goes through the press more than once to achieve the shapes and movements and colors I like.



Pauline Yeckley 



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